I'm only happy when it rains

That's not true. It's a bold-faced lie. I'm a sun worshipper and I am happiest when there's sun and a clear blue sky (and around 22-25C/70-77F). But this week I've been a lousy mood so today’s grey skies and pouring rain seem completely a propos. I attribute the foul mood to post-birthday blues, sugar withdrawal, and sidewalk cyclists, my ultimate nemeses (NO, I will NOT get out of your way, YOU can get out of MY way!).

Even a basset hound on my T-shirt couldn’t help lift my mood (I couldn’t even get a decent picture of it).

Gap T-shirt // Gap knit A-line skirt // Tory Burch flats

No, that’s no better.

It’s the last weekend for Google Reader, so make sure to switch over to a reasonable facsimile. Bloglovin' is certainly a good option, but feedly is my new RSS reader of choice. I get cranky when I have to change something I’m used to though, so maybe that’s contributing to my bad mood. Pour your misery down on me, indeed.

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