Birthday skirt?

My birthday is on Wednesday, and I’ve had my Anthro birthday discount for a while. I promised myself I wouldn’t use it unless I found something I really really liked. Maybe it’s this skirt?

Scalloped Stripes Ponte Skirt by Girls From Savoy, US$98/CAD$118

I don’t necessarily like it with the top and cardigan I’m wearing, but if I go for it, it’ll be the first Anthro skirt I’ve bought in almost two years. That’s a M/L on the left and the XS/S on the right; I would go for the XS/S since it was comfortable, at a more flattering length, and a little less poufy. The cons are that it’s a very stiff, thick fabric, and the way it’s cut has me feeling like it’s floating around me (the back is nowhere near my butt). I’ll have to ponder this for the rest of the month…

While I was in Anthro, I snapped a few pics of their current ice cream display.

Ice cream is a weakness of mine, and now Anthro wants me to eat it with these adorable and colourful bowls and scoops. I have no hope of resisting!

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