July in pictures

I’m not sure what else I did in July besides work, but from these pictures, my July consisted of eating (Vietnames pho, mind-blowingly spicy Pad Kee Mao from Khao San Road, my ice cream sandwich hack featuring gluten-free chocolate chip cookies from Xococava and Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Bean Ice Cream); 24 hours of cottage time at Lake Rosseau in Muskoka; and doggie time with Maisie, the lab/collie/chow chow mix with one ear pointed up and the other flopping down, wearing a patriotic maple leaf bandana so nobody mistakes her for a bear, who loved me so much she nearly licked me to death.

Missing from July? Shopping. I didn’t buy anything. That’s not to say I didn’t spend any money, I had a very expensive haircut today, but I didn’t buy any clothes. I wasn’t intending for July to be a no-shop month, but I didn’t find anything I loved enough to buy. So there you have it.

Coming up in August: a week’s vacation in BC that I really really need (the 24 hours in Muskoka was great, but not nearly enough), and then ignoring the impending end of summer for the rest of the month. And maybe some shopping. We’ll see.

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