Back to basics

And I don't mean Ina Garten-style, I'm not going to start rubbing my posh Hamptons lifestyle in people's faces, using only really good mayonnaise (it's just Hellmans, Ina, but I'll make sure to buy it from the most expensive store I can find), making giant briskets for just me and Jeffrey, renting an entire double-decker bus to ferry me around London (although that would be pretty damn awesome), and wearing flood-length pants with oversized button-down shirts. Oops, was that too snarky? Sorry. I'm sure her food is delicious, she just drives me bonkers.

Anthropologie Tartlet Burst Top (Deletta) | Jacob pencil skirt | Bos & Co t-strap heels

I think I’ve always been a simple girl at heart. I’m not one for a lot of accessories, a lot of frills (a few ruffles are fine), pattern-mixing, etc. I’ve tried in the past, and I’ve always ended up feeling ridiculous and not myself. And it takes me a lot of effort, and I hate effort. I’m pretty lazy that way.

So you can’t get much more simple/basic than this outfit: knit top, cotton summerweight pencil skirt, and heels. It works for my lifestyle and personality, and I feel comfortable and chic. I take a lot of inspiration from the outfits in this post.  I like to think of simple as chic, not boring.

At least, I hope I’m not being boring…

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