A little olive green

This is a small shoutout/homage to Sarah, who always looks fantastic in olive green.

Club Monaco silk cami (from 2005 or 2006, I can’t remember) | Anthro Anadyomene Cardigan (Rosie Neira) | Antho Liquid Acres Skirt | Miss Sixty Tracy shoes

It’s not a colour I gravitate towards (I think this is the only piece I have in olive), but I love this Club Monaco silk cami and I’ve had it for ages, so I should incorporate it into my outfits more than I do. I forgot I had it, actually. Sometimes shopping your own closet actually works!

Also, it’s that damn patchwork skirt again. Every time I think I’ve worn all possible outfit combinations with this skirt, I notice another colour in it and bam, there’s another outfit.

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