Something old, something new, something blue.

I’ve had this knit dress for over a year, and I’ve worn it a lot. I love the simplicity and the effortlessness of it. But it’s not something I “remix” per se, because I just like to wear it as it is. No belt, minimal jewellery, maybe different shoes. I don’t think I’ve worn it with these shoes before.

Anthropologie Network Dress (Velvet) | Matsu necklace | Michael Kors shoes

It’s also an amazingly forgiving dress when you’ve put on a few pounds like I have (working on it).

(I look a little vacant in this picture, but I couldn’t help it…it was early in the morning.)

Soïa & Kyo jacket (from 2007) | Tory Burch Reva flats (from 2009) | Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Preppy’ Leather Hillier Hobo (from last week)

The Marc Jacobs bag was my huge splurge of the month, thanks to a large tax return. It wasn’t on my radar until about two weeks ago, when I went with a friend to Holt Renfrew at lunch so she could look at wallets. I saw it, saw the colour, and fell in love. With my love of teal/turquoise, how could I resist? (I still blame my friend though.) I’ve been carrying it for a week and it’s incredibly practical too, I put my work security badge in the ID tag and the outside pockets are fantastic for my phone and keys. So I don’t regret it.

But I still had to balance it off with some older pieces. I bought these Tory Burch flats at Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego in October 2009. This Soïa & Kyo jacket is 5 years old and one of the first things I bought when I moved to Toronto, and also started my love of Soïa & Kyo coats. It’s starting to show it’s age a bit, but I don’t think it looks dated and I’ll probably keep it until it falls apart.

I don’t normally include bags in my outfit photos, so how awkward do I look trying to hold it?

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