Casual Friday

  • Grey cardigan – Banana Republic
  • Black lace-trimmed camisole – Banana Republic
  • Black leggings – American Apparel
  • Black boots – Rudsak (bought on sale, then taken to the shoemaker to have an insert sewn in to accommodate my wide calves)
  • Necklace – J. Crew
Last month, we received a pdf file on acceptable dress code at work. Some of it was pretty clear (women can’t wear midriff-baring tops; men can’t wear muscle shirts), while some was rather vague. For women, it’s acceptable to wear button-down shirts, sweaters, cardigans, and tops. “Tops”? What does that involve? It’s not acceptable to wear T-shirts, but what kind of T-shirt was unclear. I understand why we shouldn’t be wearing T-shirts we’d wear to the gym to work, but what about a simple short-sleeved top? That’s a T-shirt, isn’t it?
Anyway, the leggings may be pushing it a little. The pdf didn’t explicitly say no leggings, but it did say no spandex. This is the third Friday I’ve worn leggings to work (ever since I decided I’m not too fat to wear them), and no one has said anything to me about it.

Winter has finally arrived in Toronto. It’s –8C, but feels like –17. My Soïa & Kyo coat gives me a little 60s mod flair, and, more importantly, keeps me warm.

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