spring has sprung

Or currently springing, because it’s not fully here yet.

As a self-confessed winter lover, I will miss the snow and the sub-zero temperatures (I know, I know, this is not a popular opinion), and even wearing my parka.

Soïa & Kyo Delphie parka // glove.ly classic winter touchscreen gloves // Club Monaco tuque (a steal, marked down to $15 from $80) // Sorel kids boots

I have to retire my hot pink boots now because they’ve cracked and are no longer waterproof. I like the pop of colour on my feet (I was actually chased down at work once by a woman who wanted to know where I got them, and I had to admit that I have children’s-sized feet), so I’d like to find something similar to replace them, but it might be time to get adult boots.

I really will miss wearing my parka. Definitely a purchase I don’t regret; it’s like wearing a cozy sleeping bag outside. My sister calls it a sleeping bag with a waist. Nothing wrong with that!

Like Lorelai Gilmore, I think snow is magical and I think everything is prettier in the snow on it. The above two pictures were taken at Alexander Muir Gardens in north Toronto, one of my favourite spots in Toronto. It is pretty in spring and summer too, but I like it best covered with a blanket of snow.

Last week a friend and I made a short road trip up to Ottawa (my hometown), where we froze our asses off (the hotel room was so cold—couldn’t figure out how to turn up the heat or it was just so cold it was doing nothing—I had to put my parka over my legs to stay warm), but it was still so so pretty.

Back in Toronto, I caught Lake Ontario before all the snow melted.

It’s going to be 17C (63F) tomorrow, so all the snow will be gone and it’s be grey/brown/depressing until it starts to get green. This is possibly my least favourite part of the year. But it does open up new coat possibilities.

Soïa & Kyo jacket // Kit & Ace modal/cashmere scarf // glove.ly gloves // Kit & Ace Evans long-sleeve tee // lululemon wunder under leggings // eric michael motorcycle boots

I just realized that I’ve owned this jacket for almost nine years now. It was nine years this month that I moved to Toronto, and bought my first Soïa & Kyo coat at Girl Friday (now closed, sadly) on Queen St West, starting my love affair with S&K that’s lasted since then. Can’t believe I’ve lived in Toronto for nine years. It’s not very original to say, but time flies!


  1. I have to admit that I love the winter too, haha! And your parka does look enviably cozy... I've yet to find a good coat with a hood big enough to adequately cover my gigantic head. :P And snow does make everything more magical! The first snowfall whenever I lived in Boston was always something to look forward to -- but also dread because that meant it'd be there for months, slowly turning from a layer of crisp clean white to gray and gross from street activity...

    1. Winter-loves of the world unite! I also have a massive cranium and this coat worked, so I would recommend Soia & Kyo (cheaper than Canada Goose!). Boston sounds a lot like Toronto. Pretty for a few days, and then ugly for the rest of winter.


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