Leap year!

Well, I haven’t been so great at “making it happen” as per my last post, but the year is still young (even if more than 10% over). Unbridled optimism ahead!

Since it’s an extra day in the year for us to do what we want, why waste it on working? Instead, my friend and I decided to go to Toronto Zoo. Despite living in Toronto for 9 years, I’ve never been. Check that off as of today.

We saw the one panda hanging out eating bamboo:


Giraffes (hanging out inside, because it’s too cold for them to be outside):

Reindeer (who would have looked better in the snow, but that’s not coming until tomorrow):

I put my foot (in a Puma running shoe) in a big paw:

But the highlight was definitely Juno, the polar bear cub, who was completely adorable:

Hope everyone had as cute a Leap Day as I did!

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  1. Great post. That baby Polar bear is so cute. All the animals ar gorgeous


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