When in doubt, stripes

(These photos at J.Crew from last month—I’m a little behind.)

I do love stripes. But in my case, stripes are more of an accent than the main event.

J.Crew Carrie cami in stripe // Anthropologie cardigan (old) // J.Crew necklace // Gap skinny pants

I don’t own a Breton tee. I've tried them on many times, even taken a few home from the Gap and J.Crew, only to return. Apparently I will never be French cool.

But I do own a striped makeup bag, umbrella, and wallet. I couldn't resist the teal stripes. Or being matchy matchy with the decor at Sweet Jesus 4 Life

J.Crew makeup bag // J.Crew umbrella // Kate Spade wallet

I also couldn't resist the navy stripes at J Crew recently.

It is a little weird that I don't have a Breton tee. They're simple and chic and look good on everyone. But if I've learned anything about my own personal style, it's that I don't need to and shouldn't force myself to wear something just because everyone else is. I can love the look of the striped tee on other people (and I do), and leave it at that.

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  1. Really amazing makeup bag. The umbrella and wallet are really good. The color and design combination on strip dress are fantastic, The stripes bag and shoes are also beautiful. I love the stripes accessories.


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