Highlights of NYC and Boston, only a month late

More proof I’m a bad blogger: I’m finally getting around to posting pictures of my trip to Boston and NYC, which happened a month ago.

I think I was overwhelmed by all the photos I took and trying to weed out the bad/redundant ones.

Here is the first batch, with minimal commentary, just the highlights (but of course, probably too many pictures).

The rotisserie duck at Momofuku:

We ate until we were sick, but it was so good. I highly recommend it.

SoHo in the rain on a Saturday:

This little puppy in a raincoat at J.Crew in SoHo:

Pok Pok NY and finding out I’m not allergic to shrimp:

I didn’t realize this delicious noodle salad had dried shrimp, but I ate it and I was totally fine. Take that, supposed shellfish allergy! (I was lucky. I also always carry an Epi-Pen, just in case.)

The sticky rice was so good, I could have eaten 10 baskets of it.

Also delicious, the pineapple drinking vinegar (sweet and tart and sharp):

In Brooklyn, Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies and the Swingle:

This building speaks to me.

It’s a frozen key lime pie on a stick, dipped in dark chocolate and it was amazing. Steve’s is a little hard to find, in an industrial area at the end of some very bumpy roads, but it’s worth the trip.

Also amazing was the view of Manhattan around the corner from Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies.

Rag & Bone in the West Village (shopping while waiting for our table at Takashi):

I want those booties.

Magnolia Bakery is still a thing:

Takashi is delicious and a lot of fun, but if you have hair like mine (a sponge that absorbs all ), you’ll leave reeking of meat and in need of a shower asap:

It’s all about the beef.


Stewed beef tendon casserole (so good)

Tetchan (large intestines, we’re not afraid of the nasty bits)

Short rib and beef belly.

The next day, Shake Shack in Madison Park (the original):

Missed this one from my last post.

First time at Big Gay Ice Cream:


First time in the Meatpacking District:

First time on the High Line (on a gorgeous day):

Walking the Hudson River Greenway:

NYC, could you get any better?

Back in Boston, I mostly hung out with the puppy at my sister’s in Cambridge, drinking real ginger ale:

But when we went out we saw this gem:

I wanted to lean out the window and yell “YOU ALL LOOK SO STUPID!” (I think segways are so stupid. But I hope the tour group had fun anyway.)

Before I left, Shake Shack again, in Harvard Square:

That’s a red velvet concrete. Quimby got the end of it, lucky puppy.

And back in Toronto:

And countering Shake Shack with a healthy dinner of steamed kale, broccoli, and bok choy with grilled tofu and sweet potato (from Fresh):


  1. Mostly a lurker here but wanted to say what a great recap! I've added lots of places to check out on my "to do" list the next time I'm in NYC (and Boston, though I've yet to make it there... some day).

    1. Thanks for your comment, coming out of lurkdom! Glad you liked this post...I thought it was a bit photo-heavy and a bit indulgent. Boston is a great city, but I can see how you would choose NYC over Boston if you had the choice.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! I'm going to New York in a few months. We're staying in Brooklyn this time, so Steve's Pies is on my list.

    Also, glad to hear you're not allergic to shrimp and didn't need the epipen!

    1. Also put Baked on your list. It's in Brooklyn in the same area as Steve's. I didn't go, but I should have!

      I had a sneaking suspicion I wasn't actually allergic to shrimp, but it's nice to have confirmation. An allergy test would be best though. :)

  3. Yum! Yum! Yum! I LOVE your food pictures! If I wasn't so sick, I would want to eat them all right now! That puppy in the raincoat is so cute! I love New York. It has been years since we have been there. But it is the best city. We took the kids once and they keep begging to go back. I am with them. I think the key lime pie on a stick looks like my favorite. I cannot resist a key lime or lemon anything. I cannot wait for more pictures!


    1. I think more food photos might be the norm here, since I don't seem to be very good at taking photos of clothes. :P I can't resist key lime or lemon anything either!

  4. I love a good food diary, especially if it includes culinary adventures and city shots! That platter in the third photo looks amazing! I could totally go for some grilled short ribs and beef belly!

    We're going on a culinary adventure of our own this weekend, though it will be nowhere as modern and interesting as this. We're going on a cabin retreat, and I'm packing all sorts of camping food goodness to make in our little wood-burning stove cabin: corned beef hash and fried eggs, buffalo bacon mac and cheese, beans and franks, and tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches. It should be fun! And then we'll eat salad for a month. lol

    Thanks for sharing these snaps from your trip with us!

    <3 Liz

    1. Your cabin retreat sounds like fun! I always say that I'll eat salad for a month after indulging like this, but of course I haven't. I hope you post pics of your food too!


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