Hello September…I mean goodbye September

I took an unplanned break for a couple of weeks there (I guess almost four now), work has been insane and in my spare time I’ve been trying to feel better. I have been sick/not feeling well for the good part of a month, the latest is some stomach problems (stomach hurts, but I’m still hungry so I eat, then my stomach hurts some more). I’m sure it’s stress-induced, so either I have to become more zen or just kill everyone who’s pissing me off (kidding! I’m not homicidal!).

But other than that, September hasn’t been so bad. We’ve had some lovely late-summer weather, but try telling that to the girls I’ve seen wearing wool coats, hats, scarves, and Uggs in 25C/75F weather. Just because the calendar says it’s fall doesn’t mean it actually feel like it out there.

So I’ve been enjoying some summer favourites before I pack them up until next year.

Gap Body tank // J.Crew lightweight cotton cardigan // Gap rugby stripe maxi // J.Crew flip flops

September just flew by, but October promises to be interesting. On the con side, Will is gone for most of it, on an epic trip to Delhi, Nepal (including a Himalayan trek up Gokyo Ri, he decided against Everest base camp because it’s too touristy), and Hong Kong, so I’ll be on my own for most of the month. On the pro side, I’ll be on my own for most of the month and I get to hog the bed. Also, I’m going to Boston to visit my sister, her husband, and their new puppy, and the four of us will drive to New York City for a weekend. I managed to get a reservation for the whole rotisserie duck at Momofuku ssäm bar (puppy not invited, but maybe we’ll bring him some leftovers). It’ll be an epic eating weekend (as it usually is when I get together with my sister and brother-in-law), so I hope my stomach behaves itself by then.

Also coming up in October: pants. Say what?

To make up for the blurry bathroom mirror pic, here are some old pics from my trip to Chicago in April, that Will took and he finally downloaded off his fancy schmancy camera.

J.Crew tissue tee (looking a little sheer under my left arm, I ditched this top soon after this trip) // Club Monaco scarf // lululemon wunder under leggings // Adidas kicks // trying to hide the massive stomach I acquired from Frontera Grill

And some gorgeous early morning sunrise pics taken from the roof of my building.


  1. Ahh October IS looking good for you! Have a grand time in NYC - the duck is wonderful! Hope you feel better by then.

  2. Love that maxi skirt! You look stunning. September has been so sucky, I hope that October is the better month for both you and I. Your blue tennis shoes are adorable! I might be tempted to exercise if I owned them. Maybe. Probably not. But they are cute! I am ready for cooler weather! We will have a long time here before it is cold weather attire. Enjoy your fall! And have such a beautiful time visiting family and New York City! My husband and I are currently deciding if we want to go to NYC for a weekend or New Orleans next year. I love NYC so much but I have never been to New Orleans. Enjoy that duck and please take lots of pictures!


  3. Right?! September was here and gone in a flash. The first part of it we were packing frantically for Scotland. Now in this last part of it, we're unpacking and settling back into our routine post-Scotland. Looking back, I feel like summer passed us by without us taking much notice either. As the saying goes: "the older you get, the faster time flies." Or something like that...

    Your sporty look from Chicago is super cute and cozy, especially with that scarf. And those cityscape photos! *Sigh* I'm waiting for these "fall" temperatures to drop so I can don one of the zillion scarves I picked up in Scotland. I went on a bit of a spree. It was a bit out of control, looking back.

    Thanks for sharing your September snaps!

    <3 Liz

  4. I want to try that duck! I will have to wait until January though...

    Gokyo Ri looks amazing. I hope Will has a safe trip.

    And... pants?! Hmm. I am intrigued. I agree with Jenni, that maxi skirt looks wonderful on you.

    I always love your balcony shots. When I was in university, I lived on the 12th floor of a highrise overlooking English Bay and North Vancouver. The view was killer but I'm sad to say I took very few photos.


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