Some like it hot (I do not)

I know I have tropical ancestors and I was born in Ottawa in the month of June (which can be pretty hot and sticky), but I do not handle heat very well. Give me a summer where it stays at 20-25C (70-75F) and I’m happy. The past few days have been hot and sticky and I have not been happy.

So I wear as little as possible.

Gap cami dress (last summer) // J.Crew symmetrical stone necklace // J.Crew flip flops (last summer)

I’m a little iffy on going sleeveless (I don’t love my upper arms), but keeping cool trumps all. It got up to 30C (almost 90F with the humidity factored it) yesterday and I saw people walking around in jeans, jean jackets, some scarves, and even one leather jacket. I would die, but I am quite the wuss when it comes to heat.

Kate Spade wallet – I love white and turquoise together! (My toes are Essie where’s my chauffeur, a little more blue and less mint green than turquoise & caicos.)

Also, behold the return of a real camera, no more fuzzy iPhone outfit photos. Or maybe the fuzziness is more forgiving and therefore more my friend?


  1. I love that dress. You look stunning. And hooray for the camera! I have two Essie nail polishes I have yet to use because I am so lazy. Your toes look great. I think I might have that color. I have been wearing more sleeveless this year, too. I never do, but the heat has warranted. I am wussing out with you. I am going to Comic Con tomorrow and I am trying to decide what to wear and keep cool because it is so stinking hot there.

    You look amazing! I am super jealous of that dress.


  2. Just think of the fuzziness as a nod to the blazing, steamy, hazy heat. Like you, I am not a lover of summer heat either, and I too was born in the summer. I love cool Spring days and crisp autumn afternoons and all of the clothing that comes with it. I dress minimally in the summer too, but I usually don earrings instead of necklaces because I don't like that extra weight sticking to my chest. I applaud you for donning yours in these high temperatures! This is a great summery look that looks chic and put-together. I'd never know you were "dressing defensively" to fend off the blazing temperatures!

    <3 Liz


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