Comfort dressing, vacation photos, key lime pie, and goats on the roof

I spent the end of June/first week of July at Will’s parents’ house in Parksville, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. It’s not a very interesting town (aside from the beach, the highlight is the pub with the beer garden overlooking the beach), but it was very relaxing. I did pretty much nothing except lie in bed or on the couch or outside, either sleeping, reading, or watching TV. So relaxing, it was almost exhausting. Getting myself upright to get back on a plane and go home was certainly exhausting.

Gap cami maxi dress // knockoff J.Crew bubble necklace // J.Crew flip flops

I didn’t pack much of interest because I knew I’d be doing nothing but lounging around, so this was the extent of dressing up for going out to dinner one night (pic obviously taken at home). And it’s cheating at dressing up, because it’s basically like wearing a nightgown. As I get older, comfort is rapidly becoming my number one priority. Is it only a matter of time before I go Homer and start wearing a flowered muumuu?

I went straight back to work on Monday (after coming home late on Sunday), and it was rough. I think I’m still 3 hours behind, and I was sleeping in every day until about 10 a.m. Pacific time. I always need a vacation from my vacation, but I never want to use my precious vacation days at home, I want to use them to go places. And possibly more interesting places than Parksville.

It is ridiculously pretty there though (warning – lots of photos ahead).

Horseshoe Bay, leaving on the ferry from West Vancouver to Nanaimo.

Out at sea—well, in the Georgia Strait, at least.

Storming in the distance

Looking behind the boat

Storm clouds coming

Key lime pie at the Cactus Club in Nanaimo, after we got off the ferry. I probably should have had Nanaimo Bars, but I’m still on a key lime kick.

Rathtrevor Park beach, the view on the walk to and from the pub

Parksville main beach at dusk, waiting for the Canada Day fireworks

The Old Country Market in Coombs is a big draw in the Parksville area. I’m pretty sure a bunch of people were high when they decided to put goats on a roof and call it a tourist attraction, but hey, it worked.

The Island Farms ice cream counter is the draw for me.

I shared my waffle cone with this black bunny.

Giant gooseberries from the market

Vacation over, work is insanely busy again, but I will try to get back to some semblance of regular posting.


  1. Those gooseberries are insane!

    I always try to give myself one day off at home before going back to work. Definitely helps.

    1. I love gooseberries, so I bought 4 big containers of them and ate most of them before I left!

      I had Sunday off before going back to work, but I was home so late on Saturday, it wasn't enough. I should remember to take another extra day in the future. :)

  2. This sounds gloriously relaxing and laid-back. I could certainly do with some of that right now! The sea photos are lovely, and the goats on the roof is so whimsical and fantastical, like something out of folklore. It looks like a charming place! Like you, I've come to love comfy pieces that are essentially jammies but front as "real clothes." Hence my new love for maxis. :-) I love that you popped on a statement necklace, and bam!: it's a styled outfit.

    <3 Liz

    1. It is charming, but after too many days this city girl starts itching to get back to civilization. :)

  3. I love all of your pictures. Are you taking them with your iphone? They are so good! Those sea pictures are gorgeous. And ever since you posted that picture of key lime dessert on your birthday, I have been craving it. Now it os an even deeper craving. I must have some this week. But I don't want to make it and I do not think anyone in our town has any. What to do?!

    You look pretty. I love comfy clothes. Of course, this is coming from the girl who has spent the whole day in her XXXL Firefly Shirt and pajama bottoms. I love that Puella Brand because their silhouettes are flattering and I feel like I am being naughty wearing loungewear all day.

    I have never had a gooseberry. I did not know they were a real thing. Do they taste like grapes? They look like grapes.


    1. All iPhone photos! I forgot my real camera at home, so the iPhone works...as long as there's good light out. Sorry about your key lime craving! It's hard to find.

      Gooseberries are very British. :) There were bushes in my backyard when I was growing up. They don't really taste like grapes, I don't know how to describe them! I read somewhere they're like a combination of grape, fig, and apricot. I don't know though, I think they're one fruit that you don't know until you actually try them.

  4. Ah, the best and most glorious type of vacation! I need a maxi dress of this sort- just throw-on simplicity! I think it's one of those things where there are just too many choices and I get sidetracked by beautiful fussy ones from anthropologie (that I end up returning because i'll never wear 'em), when really I just need to pop into the Gap!
    Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos- I feel more vacationy already! Have a great and relaxed Sunday!

    1. I cannot recommend a throw on maxidress more. It's my go-to piece for Fridays and weekends this summer. And surprisingly, Gap has some really good easy pieces...a little J.Crew-esque but at a lower price point. Especially online, I never buy without at least a 25% discount.

  5. Sounds like the best kind of holiday! And that bunny? so cute!

    1. I could have used a little more excitement in my holiday, to be honest! But I can't complain, really.

  6. Sounds like the perfect holiday:)

    I have a favour - I loved your marimekko banana republic dress and was hoping to buy from ebay. I was wondering about the sizing of the dress compared to anthro dresses? I usually wear a size 2 or 4 at anthro.

    thanks heaps

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying! I wanted to make sure I got it right, so I pulled the Marimekko Dress and an Anthro dress out of my closet to compare. I usually wear a 6 or an 8 at Anthro and a 6 at Banana Republic, and I bought an 8 petite in the Marimekko Dress. An Anthro Moulinette Soeurs dress in a 6 is pretty much the same as the 8 petite (which would probably be a similar fit to the regular 6). So I would say go for your regular size? Otherwise ask the eBay seller to measure across and then compare to your existing dresses.

      Hope that helps!

  7. Thank you very much. That's been very helpful. Living in Australia, I haven't bought anything from banana republic before.


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