July 2014 in pictures

So long, July! I didn’t like you much (except for the week off at the beginning), but I don’t want to dwell on the bad stuff. Only the good stuff here (food already covered earlier this week!

snail // sky // fluffy shedding puppy // giant goofy Bernese named Sven // three snarling wieners // happy puppy // 15th anniversary flowers // orange door // healthy mint!

I spent a few days in Ottawa for work a few weeks ago, and I got to hang out with this cutie:

My nephew, his dinner (chicken fingers, fries, and cucumber slices), and a really big bottle of ketchup.

As nice as it is to see him, it’s also nice to sleep in a hotel bed, especially when work pays.

Just out of the picture is the old guy holding up a sign that said “THE PILL KILLS BABIES.” Freedom of speech and everything, but I really really really wanted to punch him in the head.

I still think Ottawa is really boring, but it’s always pretty in the summer.


  1. Your nephew is adorable. That is the biggest ketchup bottle I have ever seen. We are doing baked potatoes, chicken strips, and salad for dinner tonight. Mommy is just having a candy bar and wine. It is fun being the adult. ; )

    Ottawa is beautiful and that hotel bed looks so comfortable. I have not made my bed in months. It is a sad situation over here.

    Love your pictures. What dog would you get if you get one? You always take pictures of every breed so I am curious as to your favorite.


    1. I don't like ketchup myself, but kids seem to like it. My nephew puts it on everything, apparently. I like your idea of dinner!

      I love all dogs. I'd like one of each. But my condo has a weight restriction, so nothing over 40 lbs for me. And I think we'd get a rescue dog, so likely a mutt of some description. Or possibly a rescue purebred. One day.

  2. I think what I like about Instagram and photo journals like this post is that it helps you highlight the positive moments that you thought were worth capturing in-the-moment. It keeps things in perspective because sometimes it's so easy to dwell on the negative and the positive gets overshadowed and forgotten. But then you remember you have these moments documented! If you need a smile, all you have to do is look at those chubster puppies. Oh my goodness! I just love them! Here's to a better August! Thanks for sharing your July snaps!

    <3 Liz


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