Snowpocalypse / Snowmageddon / Blizzard Nemo

This morning I continued my ongoing rant about how it’s not fair that I never get a snow day from work because I live so close (5 km). I chose to live in a shoebox condo (ok, it’s not that bad and it totally suits my needs/lifestyle but it’s not exactly palatial) in a central area so I could be close to work and downtown and have an urban lifestyle, other people chose to live in the suburbs so they could have a bigger house and the lifestyle that goes along with that, but should I be penalized for my choice? Also, my commute this morning wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. I may not have been driving, but it was awwwwwful.

Covered in snow, hair dripping, wool coat soaked, snow in my boots. There were no sidewalks. I almost got hit by a car. But I got to be smug about making it in to work.

I did find out not long after I got in that my director had sent out a note to all the managers saying that she was snowed in, and no one should come in unless they had to. I didn’t get that note because my manager was on vacation today. So I went home at lunchtime.

It’s still snowing, and this is currently my view from my condo, on the 17th floor. Normally you can see the CN Tower in the distance, but not today.


Hope everyone is staying warm, dry, and safe!

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