Hat head

I’m convinced that I don’t have the right head for hats. In my opinion, I look stupid in most hats, which is sad because tuques (that’s Canadian for beanie) are a necessity when it’s cold out. I’m long past caring about messing up my hair; when it’s cold, all I care about is being warm.

Currently I wear a patchwork tuque I bought from lolë last winter, but I’m getting tired of it. I was recently at Club Monaco so I tried on some of their knit hats:

the Janis Hat

another issue I have is that a lot of hats don’t fit my apparently larger-than-average-sized head. The Ariana Merino Wool Hat looks ok, but it was seriously tight. Like, headache-inducing tight.

it’s kinda cute, but I look kinda dumb at the same time, don’t I?

While I was in Club Monaco, I snapped a few pics of the store. I like the renos they’ve done recently to most stores, and I’m really liking the blue and orange colour palette.

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