I ain’t lost, just wandering round my hometown.

Will is away this weekend, so I’ve been left to my own devices. Nothing particularly scandalous, but I do get to be as messy as I like for a few days before I clean it all up. I just finished shredding some old paperwork, so it’s desperately in need of a good vacuum under the desk.

So I don’t go stir-crazy at home and start talking to myself (which I already do occasionally), I’ve spent time with friends and I’ve spent a lot of time out walking around the neighbourhood by myself.

I’ve been stalking dogs on the street:

…Spending time at Club Monaco:

…Ogling Soïa & Kyo coats at Fresh Collective in Roncy:
(I didn’t buy either but I was sorely tempted. The red might be too Little Red Riding Hood though, and my friend haaaates that shade of blue because she used to work at Pharma Plus.)

…Realizing I could be wearing my tuque at a more flattering angle (left – before, right – after), which is probably why I’ve always thought I look stupid in hats:

…And drinking red velvet cake tea (kinda meh, but that’s how I feel about most of David’s Tea) and eating real red velvet cake:

Every now and then, it’s nice to have some time on your own, and I’m sad my weekend alone is almost over. I will be happy when Will is back though.

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