Muppet style

Miss Piggy may be a pig and a puppet, but she has great style.

She’s the face of a mini MAC collection, Miss Piggy for MAC, available online.

She looks good in diamonds..

She’s not afraid to eat doughnuts.

She can channel Anna Wintour.

She rocks leopard-print gloves and looks less than impressed with Ryan Seacrest.

She has an entourage to help her look fabulous.

She knows how to flip her hair.

She does glam red-carpet to perfection.

She has a softer side.

(All photos from Flare.com)

The first movie Will and I went to see together was Muppets From Space, 12-1/2 years ago, so they do have a little sentimental value to me. Looking forward to the new Muppets movie! :)

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