I’m ok when everything is not ok.

If I keep saying that over and over again, it’ll be true, right?

I had a pretty lousy week, more family drama that I unwillingly keep getting sucked into. I just wish everyone would just work out their shit without dumping it on me; I have enough of my own to deal with, thank you very much. My cold also got worse and I spent most of the week at home with a box of Kleenex, trying to get some work done at the same time. I finally made it out of the house yesterday for a walk and some window-shopping. Shopping always makes me feel better.

Club Monaco striped knit top| Roots organic cotton leggings | Anthro Cream Confection Jacket (Idra) | Geox Boots | Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo

The knit top and leggings are my “going out” version of pyjamas. So comfy, yet acceptable. And after being condo-bound for a few days, it was really nice to put on “real” clothes and get some fresh air.

I wandered up to the Club Monaco in my neighbourhood to browse and I ended up trying a few things on:

Nell Leopard Dress – This is not something I’d ever wear, but I kinda like it. I’m wearing a size M and it’s a little loose, I would have liked to size down but no S left. The other downside was that the fabric was a little scratchy. There is a silk short-sleeved version that I need to try on next.

This is it without the belt, probably better with the belt.

Misty Top, size M & Gwyneth Long skirt, size 8 – the photo doesn’t show it well, but this is an insanely flattering faux-wrap top that I snapped up because it’s so insanely flattering.

I love the skirt, it’s a perfect shade of metallic grey, but it’s on my “think about it list” because I’m not sure how “me” it is. It also seems a bit fancy for me, but this is a great example of dressing it down. I’m definitely thinking about it.

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