Fighting winter with hot pink

Winter has been terrible pretty much everywhere (except maybe California), and I’ve joined the many who are just effing tired of it. However, I’m not a big fan of the hot sticky humid summers either, so I would still take this winter over the Australian heatwave every time. I’m trying to remember that so I stop whingeing.

I’m still protesting winter with hot pink though. We need the pop of bright colour to cheer us up.

Sorel Youth Tivoli in Bright Rose, before they got outside (they look really really clean!)

I intended to get through the rest of winter with the boots I have, but winter isn’t going away and I needed some new ones fast. It’s damn near impossible to find winter boots in my size in February (even more so now with an apparent boot shortage on the East Coast), but I fit kid’s sizes so I had a few choices. I didn’t want them to scream little girl though, unlike my first attempt:

I ordered these online where they didn’t look nearly as glittery, but when I got them I knew I couldn’t pull them off. I can’t. I just can’t. I’m not a 5-year-old girl.

Still, hooray for small feet (I wear a size 6 women’s and got a size 5 youth, which is the equivalent to 6.5-7) and paying half the price of adult Sorels.

I was trying to make do for the rest of the winter in these old furry North Face boots that my sister gave me, but they’re leaking and I end up with wet feet.

There’ll be a few more weeks of dressing like this, unfortunately.

But on the plus side, a few more weeks of prettiness.


  1. That map is hilarious!

    I was wondering about those glittered boots. They did not look like you but then I read you did not keep them. I LOVE the ones you kept. They are the perfect amount of grown up and sass. They look so warm and toasty, too. You are so lucky to be able to fit into kids' sizes. So much cheaper!

    I love your mittens, too. They are awesome! And the scenery is beautiful. It is 90 degrees here today, so we will have our highest electric bill we have ever had in February. Why can't we combine our weather?


    1. I would love to combine our weather, let's do that now! We had a another snowstorm last night, but the new boots held up, they were warm and waterproof and I was able to walk all the way to work. :)

  2. I'm a size 6.5 and it has never occurred to me to try on kids' sizes. Genius.

    1. Much cheaper, if you can find a pair that doesn't scream kiddie! (not like the pink glitter boots. In black glitter it was fine, but couldn't fine them in my size.)
      Also, unfortunately for me I have wide calves so kids' Hunters won't really work for me. :(


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