Exhausted, but sparkly

February has left me so tired. The past 10 days or so have been a struggle: I slipped on ice and twisted my ankle last week (fuck you, winter), and besides that, a whole lot of shit has been stirred up (I blame Mercury in retrograde, and also the people doing the stirring), forcing me to again face my lifelong challenge of trying to not get caught up in other people’s problems and let them overtake my own life. I’m better now (moving forward, because I have to), but since my last post all I’ve wanted to do is wear leggings and oversized T-shirts, hide under the covers, and never come out.

Instead I’ve been hobbling to work, still bundled up like this:

I’m so bored of this. I’m fine with being in tights for the next too months, I’d just like to not be so cold my face hurts when I go outside.

Also because my life motto (at least when it comes to dressing) is “just because I feel like crap doesn’t mean I have to look like crap” (a variation on “fake it til you make it”/”put your best face forward”), I have not succumbed to leggings and oversized T-shirts, I have been getting dressed and putting on sparkly jewellery to make me feel better.

J.Crew Lightweight Merino V-Neck Sweater // J.Crew necklace (anyone know what it’s called?) // Kilsgaard glasses (lenses by Spectacle)

I’ve had this necklace since Christmas (picked up in Boston on sale) and I’ve worn it a lot, but here’s the first post of me wearing it. I’ve also had these new glasses for a month and haven’t commented on them either (if I had it would have been “OMG why did I choose these glasses they’re so big and hipster I’m turning into Zooey Deschanel again”). I’m more than a little behind.


  1. I'm sorry about your ankle! That sucks! And I am with you on the Mercury in retrograde. I had read I shouldn't file my taxes until the first, but then went and turned them in today despite this. Although the way the office is behind, it could be well into March before the get to our papers.

    Anyway, yes, February kind of sucked. I was dressed today. But then came home in the middle of the day and put on an oversized shirt, leggings and crawled into bed to read this. Gulp! I am guilty of giving in to temptation.

    I love your new glasses SO SO much! I love oversized frames. They are so cool. And I think you look really good in them.

    That necklace is gorgeous. I love it with your grey sweater.

    I hope you feel better soon. And that March ends up being just a much better month in general. I know a lot of people had a really hard month. It sucks. : (


    1. Thanks Jenni (for your entire comment :))! I'm just glad today is the last day of February and March is a whole new month. I think I'm coming down with a cold though. :( I really want to leave work and go home to crawl into bed...

  2. Sorry about your ankle. Hope March is better for you.

    I love your glasses, and you have beautiful skin (despite the cold hurting your face!) It's -30 C in Calgary this weekend (I believe that is without the windchill). Bah, winter.

    1. Thanks Liana! Oh, gotta love a Canadian winter. It's always crappy somewhere.

      Also, the photo lies a little...my skin is not as nice as it makes you believe, it's the light and the adjustments that Google makes to your photos that make it look good. I'll pretend it is though. :)


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