January 2014 in pictures

January 1 dog is a golden lab puppy // January has been coooold, keeping warm with my huge Club Monaco scarf // poor chilly doggie // New Year’s Resolution: exercise more! // screw eating healthier, eating pizza // and sandwiches // Anthro top from 2009 and Hilary Druxman necklace // trying to convince myself to get off the couch and work out // reward: milk chocolate with maldon salt

Yep, this pretty much sums up my January. Cold! Dogs! Exercise! Eating badly again! Lots of jewellery on Instagram! Hoping for a better, healthier diet in February and warmer weather.

And because it’s what I do, here are my sunset photos from January.

Well, sunrise/sunset:



  1. Yay! Your comments are working! I have had the same food temptations in January. I think it is because we are expected to eat so healthy in January. It makes me not want to. I ate thirteen girl scout cookies two nights ago! I was better yesterday. But still. Thirteen!

    That dog is so cute. And I am loving the sunset pictures.

    Off to make breakfast for dinner. That has to be good for you, right?! : )


    1. Out with Disqus, in with Blogger comments! They used to be somewhat inadequate, but now that they have the Reply and Notify Me feature, it's simpler and easier now.

      I agree with you, being expected to eat healthy in January makes me rebel. I won't judge about the girl scout cookies. It sounds amazing, actually. :)


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