Cold weather clothes

The funny thing about Toronto is that Canada Goose parkas are everywhere as soon as it gets the slightest bit cold (at freezing or just above freezing), so I wonder if people who need them when it’s not very cold need to layer two or three of them when it’s really really cold. I’m a penguin so most of the time I’m fine with just a wool coat, layering as I need to. But it has been really really cold for a while now, so cold that I’ve had to take the subway instead of walking to and from work, and I hate it. What is this, Ottawa or Montreal weather?

I don’t want to pay $700 for a Canada Goose parka that I won’t get enough use out of, but I’ve been considering a Soïa & Kyo parka now that they are on sale. (That’s another thing I’ll never get used to, it’s January and it’s freezing and already winter stuff is on sale and spring clothes are in stores!)

Except that the hood of the Carmella Down Parka might eat me alive.


Seriously, that’s the biggest hood I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t look like that in the product photo. I’m not sure why it looks so insanely huge on me.

I also felt like a stuffed sausage inside a marshmallow (apologies for the blurriness).

It’s awesome and ridiculous and at the same time (also, this was a size too big so it adds to the marshmallowiness). If I were a very cold person, I would snap it up right away, but I’m a penguin so I’m going to wait to see if it goes even more on sale.

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