Unintentional hiatus

I think I might have blacked out for the past two weeks. I definitely didn’t intend to take a break from posting; I didn’t even realize that it had been more than two weeks since I last posted.

So just a quickie post of something I wore this week (definitely not this morning, I’m in my see-through Target leggings and a Gap t-shirt and my hair is messily huge/hugely messy), black dress, teal tights (can’t tell too well in this light, but they’re teal), and Stella & Dot’s Marchesa necklace.

Anthropologie Elementary Jersey Dress (Girls From Savoy) // Stella & Dot Marchesa necklace // Wolford tights // Michael Kors heels

One of my oldest and dearest friends is a Stella & Dot independent stylist and I got the Marchesa through her, of course. She’s also been kind enough to lend me her sample pieces to try out/review, so there will be more jewellery coming up, if I don’t mentally black out again and actually remember to post.

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