Very casual wear

I’m one of those people that Tim Gunn hates, I wear yoga gear as casual wear on weekends (and I would probably wear it all the time if I could get away with it). I can’t help it, it’s easy and it’s comfortable.

I blame lululemon, with all their cute, flattering workout wear.

Cool Racerback // Wunder Under crop

I’ve been wearing lululemon for almost 10 years since my sister got me into them, back when they only had stores in Canada and their clothes were still made in Vancouver (I have a pair of Groove pants from 2004 that are still holding up). As a poseur. The clothes rarely saw the inside of a gym or a yoga class, they were just for lounging around or running errands (in the car). Like I’ve said before, fitness doesn’t come naturally to me.

But this summer I’ve been more active than I’ve ever been in my life, I walk a lot (a LOT) and thanks to my sister (again) I’m hooked on barre (a combination of yoga, pilates, and ballet), which is very trendy, very expensive, and demands a lululemon wardrobe.

I occasionally go to barre classes at a studio in my neighbourhood, but for the most part I work out at home with barre3 online (which is cheap and genius, and created by Madonna’s trainer Sadie Lincoln), so I guess I don’t really need the expensive clothes? I could barre at home in my $8 see-through Target leggings and no one except Will would make fun of me (and I have done, and he has done).

Dance Studio Jacket

Just call me Darth Lulu, the most terrifying Darth of all.

As for barre itself, I really enjoy it and it definitely delivers results. Proof: I’ve been adhering to a strict dumpling/banh mi/ice cream diet all summer (see my instagram for proof) and my clothes still fit.

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