It’s still summer

I'm in denial about fall coming. Ever since I've come back from vacation, I've felt the season changing. It's getting dark earlier, it's cooler at night, fall clothing is now in stores.but I'm not ready to face the end of summer, so I'm not going to. It's still hot out (the past weekend was a scorcher), and it’s still summer until September 21. I've seen a bunch of girls out in full-on fall attire today (just looking at them makes me start sweating),which I don’t understand at all. Summer in this part of the world is so short, there will so much time for tights, cardigans, boots, and scarves (basically October to April), so I'm going to go bare-legged/bare-armed/bare-necked and wear summer clothes as long as I possibly can.

Anthro Echoing Cowlneck (Bordeaux) | Anthro Sumukhwa Skirt (Maeve) | Miss Sixty Tracy Shoes

And yet having said that..I’m wearing a not so summery skirt. But with bare legs.

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