who’s that girl?

I like Zooey Deschanel. A lot. I like her style, I looove her hair, and I think she has gorgeous eyes. Like most Anthropologie fans, I really liked her style in 500 Days of Summer. And because she’s around the same age as I am, I don’t feel like I’m emulating someone age-appropriate.

Her February Allure cover photo freaked me out, but I liked the photo shoot because she’s not looking as twee as she usually does. I’m liking the sequined bodysuit.


Seriously, I might have to kill for her hair.


But her singing voice grates on my nerves, her band She & Him is too folksy for my taste, and quite frankly, I don’t really like New Girl. At first it was trying too hard (“I’M SO QUIRKY! LOOK AT HOW QUIRKY I AM! I’M SO QUIRKY IT HURTS!”) and now it’s just boring. (Except for last week’s episode “The Landlord.” There were a few moments when I was laughing pretty hard. Redeeming itself a little.) I’ll still watch every episode (often on PVR when I have nothing better to do), because she’s just so damn cute.

(all screenshots via the CityTV iPad app)

As a glasses-wearing girl, I love that she wears glasses and looks so freakin’ cute in them.

Which brings me to my new glasses. I wasn’t intending it, but they may have a bit of Zooey to them. (I did buy them at a hipster optician, I should have known.)

prodesign denmark frames, via Spectacle, Matsu aventurine pendant and chain

I don’t look anything like her, but I can pretend, right?

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