Lisa posted last week about feeling like she’s in a rut, and judging by the comments, it seems like everyone else is too. February isn’t a great month; by this time, I generally feel bored with winter (even though it hasn’t really been winter in Toronto—we haven’t had a lot of sub-zero temperatures and barely any snow) and bored with wearing tights all the time.

In past years I’ve dealt with February boredom by shopping, but I’m not doing that this year. This year I’m eating too much sugar instead…I’m just swapping out one addictive behaviour for another. Fantastic!

We did go away for the long weekend, to Ottawa to visit my family. Nice to have a change of scenery, but we came home more exhausted than before. Maybe next time we need to pick a more relaxing destination.

Aritzia T. Babaton Jolie Blouse | Anthropologie Orchard House Cardigan (Rosie Neira) | Anthropologie Liquid Acres Skirt (Maeve) | Woflord Satin Opaque Tights in Admiral | Miz Mooz Felicity Pump

This morning I really didn’t feel like going to work, so I tried a new outfit combination to liven things up, but I don’t think it worked. So maybe something else…like photos of an adorable Basset hound? 

Worth a try. :)

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  1. I really like your Basset hound. I have one too. They're the coolest companion dogs ever.


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