Review: HANAair Professional Hair Dryer

This is my sad tale of hair woe.

I have a lot of of fine, somewhat wavy (but not in a manageable way), prone-to-frizziness long hair. I’m completely hair incompetent. I can’t braid my own hair to save my life, and I never wear my hair in a ponytail because that’s “hard”—I can never get it smooth enough, or messy enough to look purposefully dishevelled, I just end up looking like I don’t know how to put my hair in a ponytail. My idea of hairstyling is putting my hair through a straightening iron. But I started to care more about my hair last year, when I bought a styling wand and started to curl/wave it.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been testing the heck out of the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer, thanks to Brian from Misikko (an online store specializing in blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons of all brands, basically all your hair needs) who sent me one to review.

As usual from Misikko, the box came packed with extras. Seriously, it was like a clown car of hair products—I kept unpacking, and I kept finding more goodies.


The dryer is in their somewhere, under the sleepshade, eyelash curler, nail files, hand sanitizers, HANA Shine Shield, and full-size Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner. Oh, and the stuffed monkey.

I’ve been testing the heck out of the dryer for the past few weeks, in all different scenarios: on wet hair straight out of the shower, on hair that’s been air-dried first, on the medium setting, on the high setting, with the concentrator nozzle, without the nozzle, etc. It’s a good weight (feels heavy out of the box, but quite comfortable while actually using it), with plenty of options for heat and speed.

There’s still a little frizz, but I think that’s due to my incompetent blowout rather than the dryer itself. (I’m sure if I learned to master these steps, I’d get better results.) Still, my hair felt very soft, silky, and healthy, with much less frizz than I was getting before, and much faster than any other dryer I’ve used. During the week, I wash and dry my hair at night, and if I spend the time doing a good blowout, I can sleep on it and just run a brush through my hair in morning, or I just blast my whole head dry in 3 minutes before I go to bed and then spend 2 minutes with the flat iron in the morning. I’ve been raving and raving about it to anyone who would listen, definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a premium hair dryer and willing to pay a higher price. (Read other blogger reviews here, here, here, here,here, and here.) I’m really impressed with Misikko as a company too, so much so that I’m planning to buy a HANA Professional Flat Iron as soon as my budget allows it (I’m sure I could cut that 2 minutes down to 1 with it).

Oh, and the monkey? He found a good home at my friend’s office.

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