Feeling subcontinent in the height of summer

I have a confession: I didn’t complete my no-shop challenge. 

Technically, I failed, since I wanted to get to May 15 without buying any clothes, shoes, makeup, hair accessories, etc., but it’s okay.  I’m not going to call it a failure or beat myself up about it, I’m going to call it a learning experience.  So three weeks wasn’t really a long time.  I really did learn a lot in this time. 

Before I get into that, here's what brought me down:

Maeve Height of Summer dress at anthropologie

Floreat Subcontinent dress, at anthropologie

These gorgeous summer dresses completely overwhelmed my resolve.  Can I really be blamed?

Unlike last time I failed, shopping this time wasn’t a huge emotional reaction to something that had happened to me.  Okay, that’s a lie.  I did have a few bad days of insane drama at work and I did want to shop to make myself feel better.  But I made myself delay gratification (my new rule is to wait at least 24 hours before I buy something to make sure I really like it, and in this case it was 48 hours), and by the time I went back the initial emotion (i.e. rage and frustration) had dissipated and at that point it was no longer buying to feel better.  It wasn’t buying for the sake of buying, it was buying two dresses that I love.  In the past, I probably would have bought things that I would like for a little while and then get tired of.  I’m learning to become a conscious consumer.  Can it be that my reckless days are behind me?

So, I start again.  This time I’m aiming for no shopping until June 18, the day before my birthday.  I would go all the way til my birthday, but I’m taking June 18 off and what would be better on a day off from work than a little birthday shopping?

Also, huge kudos to the girls who are almost there! 10 days to go, I am so impressed.


  1. I swear, when the hives on my legs finally go away, I'm sooooo buying that dress!

  2. Hives suck. The dress is an incentive for you to will them away.

    And as far as Anthropologie goes, it's a very reasonable price...

    (I'm such an enabler.)

  3. Oh, you're such an awesome enabler~!

    Weight loss isn't good enough to motivate me to buy this lovely dress, but yet hives going away is?? ;)


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