Is it possible to have so many clothes that the overwhelming choice is as bad as having no choice at all?

If my closet inventory has taught me anything, it’s that I don’t lack anything. I have a great wardrobe, I have some great pieces and I dress well every day. But still some days I open my closet and stare at it like I have nothing to wear. Maybe I’m better off with only a few choices, so I know what I have, and I’m able to remix better.

I used to work with a very stylish girl who wore the same few pieces (a black cardigan, a button-down shirt, a skirt) every day, and she always looked great. Stacey and Clinton in their book Dress Your Best stress quality over quantity:

Instead of buying five sweatshirts at thirty bucks apiece, buy one cashmere sweater that fits you wonderfully. So what if you wear it a couple of times a week. Your coworkers aren’t keeping track of your wardrobe. And if the are, they should be fired because they’re not paying enough attention to their jobs. What matters is that you look good in your clothes, not that you have seven different-colored sweatshirts for every day of the week. (pg. 11)

I used to notice that she wore the same pieces all the time, but I didn’t hold it against her. In fact, I think that’s something I should try.

But now that I have this huge closet, could I really go back and try that?

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