Snowy snow snow (with a side of brutal cold)

A couple of weeks ago, I wished for snow in Toronto. Yeah, that’s right. I like snow. It’s pretty. This city is really ugly in the winter and needs a blanket to cover up. Mother Nature obliged with a few light snowstorms (nowhere near the 80 inches that Boston has, that’s way taller than my sister), and I was happy.

{via} (Don’t ask me what episode this is from, I’m not good with the newer ones)

Prettier, right?

I did not, however, wish for this.

That’s fucking cold. Almost to the point that the “feels like” temperature is about the same in Fahrenheit. (-13F, feels like -36F.) I don’t think I’m leaving my condo today. Even my recently-purchased parka (I finally caved and bought one, on sale) won’t help.

Soia & Kyo Delphie coat – it’s a little long on me, a little puffy, maybe not the most flattering thing I’ve ever put on my body, but it is WARM. It’s like wearing a duvet. Or a sleeping bag.

And I love the hood (it’s made of Asiatic raccoon fur--sorry, PETA):


I know spring will come soon enough, so I’ll enjoy the snow while it’s here, and stay inside on the couch under four layers of quilts until then.


  1. I think those temperatures definitely constitute wearing a sleeping bag parka. Fashion is not important. We're talking survival here. (And really, the coat is pretty cute. Probably because of the fur hood. Sorry, PETA.)

    Nashville has shut down today. We received a thin coat of snow and ice. It's been sleeting all day, so I suppose I should cut these southerners some slack. The roads probably are treacherous. But we're not heading out. Not because we don't know how to drive on the roads. We're from Michigan. *brushes shoulder off* We're not heading out because the natives don't know how to drive on them. lol

    <3 Liz

    1. That's exactly what I say when it's snowing out, I'm not worried about me, I'm worried about all those other people who don't know how to drive! We drive AWD, standard transmission, with winter tires, and it's fantastic in the snow. Everyone else in their SUVs with all-seasons are a menace.

      Survival may be a little bit hyperbole, but I don't regret getting that parka at all.

  2. Eek. You have my sympathies. You do look very cute in that coat though.

    I have survived many winters with the MEC Kamouraska parka. Sadly, it succumbed to the flood 2 years ago, and each subsequent winter's version has not been as good as the one I lost. Also, long johns.

    We have had very strange weather this winter. I wore an unlined leather jacket to dinner on Friday, and all of the snow in Calgary and most of the Bow Valley has melted. I can't remember the last time we had a sub -10 C day.

    1. Ah, thank you. :)
      Oh, I didn't even think of MEC for a parka. I should have! They have great stuff. Enjoy your warm winter...I love winter, but it's been too cold for me. -10 would be fine, I'd take -10!

  3. Holy moly. That is COLD. And I like your parka! It looks adorable, and is one of the cuter parkas I've seen (most of the ones I encountered when I lived in Boston were of the "puffy-Michelin-man-style" variety). And goodness, snow is beautiful, but then after about 2 days of the stuff, I'm just totally over it.

    1. I think the puffy Michelin-Man coats have been replaced with Canada Goose jackets. They are absolutely everywhere in Toronto, and starting to be ubiquitous in Boston too (from my observation visiting my sister at Christmas). At least those ones are a little cuter too, but so $$$!

      It's not even the snow I'm complaining about, it's the constant cold weather we've been having. It just keeps going and going and going...

  4. How did I not comment on this? You look adorable in your giant parka. That snow looks so beautiful. Especially in the graveyard. I never pictured a graveyard with snow before. Now I always will.


    1. Adorable: one of my lots in life? :) It could be worse, I suppose!
      I used to think that cemeteries were macabre, but this cemetery in Toronto is more like a park/arboretum and it's one of the prettiest, most peaceful places I've ever been in. I walk through it almost every day. It's gorgeous in both the snow and the summer.

  5. Hello
    I’m debating whether to spring for the Midnight Sun blouse, googled images - and your blog turned up it looks great on you! (so does the parka shown here).
    Just wondering – do you still like the Midnight Sun top, or was it a fleeting fancy? Also, how do sizes in it run – I’m 5ft 2in, 32/34 B bra - could I ask what size you bought it in?
    Thank you for your help! I enjoy your blog and am glad I ran across it! I am from Boston, and am presently dodging the snow in UK - husband is British.

    1. Hi Jo! To be honest, I don't wear the Midnight Sun top much (although I do still love it) because it doesn't fit me that great anymore (gained weight, sadly). I'm debating hanging on to it in the hopes I'll drop the weight, but let's be realistic, right? I can't remember the size off the top of my head (I will check when I get home after work), but the same should fit you, I'm 5'2" and a 34D/36C bra.
      Also, snow in the UK is probably not great, but at least you're not in Boston right now!

    2. Checked last night and it's a size 6. That should likely work for you. Good luck finding one!

  6. Thank you! Very nice of you to help! PS I thought in the previous blog post (black and grey clothing) you looked quite slim. Jo


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