Christmas: a recap in photo form

Many photos of puppies and food ahead; you’ve been warned.

Travelling in Hugo Guinness for J.Crew Springer spaniel tee (I thought it was a basset hound but I think it’s a chubby Springer spaniel)

A really pretty tuna sashimi bowl for lunch before going to the Boston Pops

An actual Springer spaniel at Quimby’s daycare, where we left him before going to the Boston Pops.

The Boston Pops

My sister and her sleeping puppy



Laziest dog ever.

Christmas Eve prime rib roast.

Ginger-cherry white chocolate chip cookies, adapted from this Ming Tsai recipe.

Christmas duck, puppy wants some too.

Still the laziest dog ever.

Homemade poutine on Boxing Day (or as it’s called in the U.S., the day after Christmas).

Will and a lapful of labradoodle.

Waiting for Shake Shack ice cream.


After Shake Shack, a play date with his sister Echo, who lives in the same Cambridge neighbourhood. My brother-in-law met her in the park by accident, and he and Echo’s human realized that they’d both gotten the puppies at the same breeder in Maine. What are the chances?

What did I say about Quimby being the laziest puppy ever? But after playing hard with his sister, he deserves a little lie-down.

Making the NY Times chocolate chip cookies.

They are delicious, and worth leaving in the fridge for 72+ hours.

Quimby and his big buddy hanging out before we left. He (the puppy) and I got depressed afterwards. Perhaps 2015 is the year I finally get a dog.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas too!


  1. All I've eaten since Christmas are cookies and leftover pie, and I'm dying for some vegetables, but man that poutine looks yummy! But you know I'm always up for a poutine. I love that Quimby found his sister like that- what kind of doggie are you thinking of? This is definitely your year!

    1. I would love a giant dog. But my condo doesn't allow it, unfortunately. 50 lbs max, which still allows for many options. I would like to rescue a dog, but I'd also like a dog that doesn't shed, and probably a hypoallergenic one like Quimby because Will is allergic.

  2. Oh my goodness! Best post ever! Quimby is getting so big! He is adorable! And how cool that he gets to hang out with his sister! That is crazy that their human parents found each other! What are the odds?! Do they get to see each other often? I have had those cookies. They are good! And now I want to make poutine! I have always wanted to try it. I never thought to make my own. You look so cute in your doggy shirt! I hope you get a dog this year. I really think you won't regret it. There is never a perfect time to do something. Heck! The only reason I got Ollie was because I was on drugs from the dentist and he has brought so much unexpected joy! I hope you had a great holiday!


    1. It's great to see Quimby and his sister play. My brother-in-law said that they figured it out quickly when they met in the park, they might not have recognized each other if more time had passed. They wrestle and have a great time running around together, even if Echo bullies him a little (shoves him out of the way for treats, with two paws).

      I think Trader Joe's has a frozen poutine, so maybe you could start with that before moving on to making your own? My sister says the frozen poutine is fine, not as good as the real thing but perfectly acceptable.


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